Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unravelling this Blog

Hello, faithful readers - thank you for sticking with me during the deep silence that has billowed forth from this portal in the past few months - the one or two posts I've done since late Spring notwithstanding.

I'm going to be moving this blog over to my own new - under construction but up and in progress  - personal web page -  not my posts will make it over but most of them will.  I will be rewriting my Thoughts on Building Community posts and continuing the series to completion  -  but from a much different perspective.

So - if you want to find me in the weeks ahead, please go to and subscribe for updates to the blog that will be taking shape there.  While the site itself has a more professional/business based agenda, I will continue to post my observations on the world at large, the integration of my core beliefs and pagan principles into everyday life and will still be "me".

If you don't make the jump, then thanks for reading - hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and we'll catch you on the flip side.

Be well.
Look sharp.

Enjoy the day.