Sunday, December 20, 2009

Astrology? Really? Yup.


Pre-amble: Vanity Fair magazine is not a fashion magazine - it is a serious piece of cultural journalism that takes its name from the Thackeray novel.  It may have celebrities on the cover, and occasional puff piece /celeb society type articles, but the majority of the magazine is pretty hard hitting and insightful cultural commentary - and is often ahead of major media in exposing the soft white underbelly of our real world - when the glitter falls off, so to speak.

Having gotten that out of the way.....

I've been reading Vanity Fair since it's rebirth for a variety of reasons (I have been known to call it People Magazine for the Culturally Literate proving that yes, Virginia, I am a snob who likes to have interesting trivia and stories to tell at dinner parties and since my life is far from interesting or exciting - this provides me with good stuff).

One of the regular features I used to love dearly was Michael Lutin's monthly Astrology column, that ended abruptly about 3 years ago.  All the weeping and wailing and roaring terrible roars and gnashing terrible teeth did not make the Astrology column magically reappear.  Color me majorly disappointed.

I'm not a bit believer in the "slice the population into twelve neat pie wedges and here's your truth du jour" type of astrology. Having said that - Mr. Lutin's monthly commentary was frighteningly accurate and insightful. So glad to find him again on the web at - not the world's sexiest website - but functional and delivers the StarGoods in the way that only he can.

In addition to Mr. Lutin's esteemed Insights on the Stars (celestial), I have been fortunate to find another keen pair of eyes that watches the stars, and she is proving to be as insightful as Mr. Lutin - though she expresses herself much differently.  Georgia Nicols is a familiar face to those who read their daily horoscope in the papers, but I have found her more indepth writings to be - star powered.  AND - she was born in Winnipeg (a little home town pride there!)

Take a look back through your year and compare it to her "The Year ahead for 2009" predictions from the beginning of last year and see what you think. You may want to tune into these fine folk for some signposts along the road type guidance in the year ahead.  Never hurts to have someone make you look at the meanderings of your life with a slightly different point of view.  Anything that slows me down and makes me think - even if I don't agree - the new perspective is often a good thing.

Have a blessed Yule - and a safe Calendar Change Day on January 1.  Here's to the new decade.   And while you are singing Christmas carols with your family and friends this week - add this one to the mix ... and then do what you can to make it come true.

Blessings to you and yours.

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