Thursday, October 15, 2009

Create an Eco-Masterpiece with me - Blog Action Day

hello, Campers...

and I call you all campers because almost everyone loves the great outdoors - even if its only for a weekend in the provincial park.  Some of us thrive on the wide open spaces and need time in nature to connect, renew our souls, breathe cleaner air, touch the earth, hug a tree - you get the idea.

There is so much discussion about how much we can do to reverse the damage of centuries of human behavior on the planet.

We need to keep the faith (calling all Gaiaists!) and we need to have and sustain and nurture hope.  We need to celebrate every small thing we do right - and call out every thing that we do wrong - to learn from it - to  learn to not do it again - so others can learn too.

I just wish that the World Scientific Brain Trust had never started the ball rolling by calling it Global Warming - mostly because I'm tired of the jokes about the weather - (bring on global warming as a solution to undesirable weather).  Sometimes it gets in the way of serious conversation.

This post is not meant to be overly deep or profound - but to acknowledge the day - that so many of us in the Blogosphere are focused on some aspect of climate change - and I believe that wherever we put our attention will flourish.

In so many ways - we "are the world" - we create it, we destroy it, it is the mirror that reflects everything we do.  It is the canvas that we paint with the brush strokes of our lives - each human is one filament in the paintbrush. Our diversity is the palette of colors that blend together - complimenting and contrasting to make the images of our daily living.

We can create a masterpiece - not by glossing over what we have done - but by restoring the image of Eden - the green and growing heaven we used to live in - one recycling bin and bucket of compost at a time.

Will you do your part?

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