Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Music of the Spheres

No - I'm not dead - it has just been a little hectic around the OK Corrall as winter draws to a close up here in the heart of the continent.  It has been unseasonably warm - then unseasonably cold - and back again - and work has been overfull (translate: overtime) and life has been overfull (translate: a couple bouts of the flu) and Spring Cleaning has begun.  What's worse - we've decided to re-arrange then entire house from top to bottom, do a major and thorough de-junking, and render the new living arrangement to be inviolate for long-term guests.  (Jacinthe's son lived with us for a year -and we're just not going to talk about that.)

Which brings me to today's installment of a new longterm project.  Re-organizing the music collection.  I love music and have a couple cds.  As I shift things around, I thought I might share a few quick reviews of outstanding selections from my musical archives.  I will make sure the subject line indicates that these are music review posts, so you non-musiclovers (poor benighted souls) can avoid them.  Be warned, however, that a music review might also contain some interesting nuggets of Su-ness, so skip over them at your peril. 

To make my life easier, and free up some shelf space, I have encountered two new "great new things".

Thing the first - - an organizing program for music, dvds, books, stuff - you name it.  It is kind of in live beta - a few things have changed since I started adding my couple of cds to the program - but for any of us who have a few cds, or a few books or other things - it seems to be the answer to a packrat's prayers.  It also gives you a printout for your insurance records. Check it out - add me as a friend (it is a bit of a network as well) - and start adding your stuff.  It also seems to allow you to sell your extra bits and bobbs on Amazon.

Thing the second - Super skinny cd sleeves from - maximize your space by getting rid of plastic hard shells and put your cds into these little miracle workers.  I'm of course keeping the cds in eco-packs in their artful containers, and skinny doubles make more sense in their skinny doubles cases - but for many of my musical friends... they're going on a diet.  

So, there you have it.  The grand plan is coming together.  Watch for music reviews as I rediscover great music that I may have forgotten I had - because someone (not me) didn't put it back in the right place.  Dratted Cornish Pixies.  Never did bother to learn their aleph-bets.

Singing along - cause I can remember the words from 30 year old pop songs....


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  1. For a moment, I thought you had typed "OK Chorale", and was sad it wasn't true.

    Bravo on the Great Strategy!