Thursday, January 1, 2009

TT#26 - Great Moments - 2008

Thirteen Great Moments from 2008
with the exception of #1 - in no particular order

  1. Getting an "all clear-no chemo necessary" diagnosis after my surgery in April.
  2. Xmas and New Years with my mother and brother (wish my sister could have been with us also - maybe next year).
  3. Election Night with Carl, Linda & the Pack - celebrating democracy in action.
  4. Dan's face when we presented him with "the Flag".
  5. Tony Robbins at the Power Within event (thanks Margaret!)
  6. Youtube Moments: Christian the Lion (pass the Kleenex) and My American Prayer and Yes We Can
  7. getting our upstairs back (long story) - now the cleaning begins
  8. singing "Deep in Our Hearts" with Musique Magique (thanks John, for a great song)
  9. being part of The Magical Earth quadcast
  10. gifting others with my knitting (many moments)
  11. times spent with good friends, good food, good wine
  12. Folk Festival - esp. being kissed on the forehead by Michael Franti (solidarity forever)
  13. officiating Charlotte & Mike's wedding wearing my Mickey Mouse Ears (I'm an honorary Mouseketeer).
above and beyond: time spent with Jacinthe - at home - with the cats. and coffee.

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1 comment:

  1. oh sue!! i am so happy to hear that you've gotten a "all clear-no chemo necessary" diagnosis!

    i am so hoping that one of these days i'll be able to be in winnipeg for an event! i would love to be able to see everyone! i do miss you all!