Friday, January 30, 2009

LOST DRAFT: 30 Days into the New Year... and loving it.

Greetings, Sportfans,

here's a post I started back in January - and then lost it in my draft file - and am now putting it forward FWIW - a look backward at a look backward. Gotta love the irony. Maybe this isn't a blog - its an irony board. Just put it on STEAM and press harder - I'll eventually straighten out.


The January Lost Post (not about Lost the series)

I decided to take a bit of a break from blogging just to pay attention to a few other things, including working a few (reminder to check the definition) extra hours to move through a bunch of small projects and try to tame the 78 items that are apparently breeding in my Outlook Task list.

It was somewhat successful, but I did not accomplish all my goals, blew out an important writing deadline and missed a publication opportunity. Why? I misplaced an email. For the want of a nail... says Richard the Third. It really sucks when you have nightmares narrated by Patrick Stewart. That generally means you are in "deep sheepdip". Dippity Doo DAH.

AND I've misplaced my Tai Chi videos. They are somewhere but not where I can find them. I'm hoping the House Boggles are enjoying a Zenlike state of being and doing the full form - I'd pay money to see them in lined up doing "scoop needle from sea bottom" or "single whip".

We're at the end of another week. I did not do a Thursday 13 post (again). It is 6:30 am Saturday morning, and I'm planning to in to work from 7:30 to 11:30 to hopefully redline a few more items on that list - maybe even some of the breeding pairs. (if you ever lived on a farm, that phrase will make more sense).

I took a look at January's calendar, and regret the lack of true maximization of my time. I did get some things done. I missed the mark on others. I got more sleep than in December - which was a good thing. I taught a couple kick-butt (mostly my own) classes (I teach to learn - truly fulfilling the Zen koan of "those who can, do, and those who can't, teach). I only ever share what I am learning.

And maybe, as I look at the "remains of the January days" on this second-last day of the month - that is the reinforced lesson - and the impetus to do better. "Share what I am learning".

Here's the important part - for me. Something that wise men like Mitch Joel, and Seth Godin, and Dan Belhassen* are teaching this "old dog" (what's that - a new trick? come on - let me stay in the groove I've worn for in my self-understanding and skill set and be comfortable. No? all-rightey then. Let's ramp it up. Pass the milkbone.)

(*site coming soon to a www near you)

Old thinking is that, especially as a writer/thinker/wordbender & knowledge worker/information resource - that you don't give up what you got. Writers used to slave over manuscripts, find an editor, reshape and rework their precious words, and give it over to a publisher (who made most of the money) who would then promote their ideas to the world. It takes about two years to get a book to market. By then - maybe ideas have met their "best-before" date.

Now - everyone is a self-published, self-declared expert on life, living, and the pursuit of something that passes for crowdsourced happyness. This is not a criticism - no cynicism - honest. "We" blog - we podcast - we twitter - and we give up our ideas to the public sphere in ways that may only be monetized by the presence of Google ads in the margin (for the average guy) - and some (like Mitch and Seth) have hitched the New Media to their wagon and earn their living from it.

The wonderous wizardry of the best of these New Media Gurus is that they give up their expertise in small digestible spoonfulls to nurture those who have ears to hear and eyeballs to see. If you want the full meal deal, you pony up the cash for a consultation, or conference keynote and sit back and rub your belly and digest it all. Fair deal. I've had the priviledge of hearing both Mitch and Seth speak - and went away very very satiated with inspiring and practical ideas to improve my state of being. If you ever get the chance - go hear them. (I think Seth's coming to Winnipeg via simulcast in February - and Mitch was just here for the Power Within).

And read their blogs, and listen to Mitch's podcast - especially if you are in marketing or new media, or content creation - or just want to make sense of the brave new world that surrounds you and the messages you get bombarded with. Some posts are going be 'industry speak" - but others will be more accessible to the general public who seek to understand the new world.

and here endeth the unfinished and lost post of January. As it was in the beginning, is now and evershall be - unfinished and without an ending. Amen.

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