Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tomorrow, a new calendar page

and the opportunity to grab hold of the dragon's tail of cosmic consciousness and pretend that this arbitrary "change of date" day can be the beginning of a new cycle of life changing decisions if I want it to be. Note the assiduous avoidance of the "r" word.

But when so many on the planet are "r-ing" to change, as a magickal person, I'd be a mite foolish to not try to piggyback on some of that good energy and implement a few small changes of my own. For starters - we are leaving the year of the Wheel of Fortune card (numerotarotlogically speaking) and entering the year of the Strength Card. I will write more about that in a separate post. But for now - acknowledging this shift is enough.

And all of this ties nicely into our new year of Studies in the spiritual group of which I am part. We are re-examining a teaching I am developing called "the Spiral of Life" - we held a Retreat based on it a few years back, and now it is becoming the tree trunk upon which to hang various and sundry ideas.

The first level is all about the basics of every day life - taking care of the physical needs that sustain our lives, and becoming better, faster, stronger, more resilient, more physically and fiscally fit, more balanced etc in the physical realm. This makes us better metaphysicians (metaphysician, heal thyself! shall be the whole of the beige level law).

So I read with great joy a post in one of my favourite new blogs "Awake at the Wheel" called "Too Tired to Succeed?" While the author is focused on more secular pursuits, I immediately drew a comparison back to some of the recent conversations we have been having in our Tradition Classes at the Witchery.

One of those pesky "laws of the universe" is that "you get out of something what you put into something". This is true for me especially in my religious practice. In order to empower my prayers (read: spells) I have to put energy into their manifestation - at the very least making room for the manifestation of my prayers to appear in my life, in whatever form the Goddess decides is best for me (read: no cherished outcomes). But if I am unable to raise sufficient energy, due to being too tired, too stressed, too physically unfit, too lazy, too < fill in the blank > - then I'm hooped.

My favourite quote from "Too Tired to Succeed" is

The ancient Greeks came to the same conclusion, viewing intense daily physical practices as a necessary element of the pursuit of scholarly success thousands of years ago. The yogic sage Patanjali codified a similar realization in the classic Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, revealing the need to follow the yamas and niyamas, their version of the 10 Commandments, exercise and meditate in preparation for pursuit if higher level thought and awakening.

The lustrous little-men in loincloths (I’m sure to be drummed out of the yoga world for calling them that) remedied this by prescribing a set of fairly simple daily practices that, done regularly, would bring the body and mind into a place of optimal health. They called it yoga.

Others call it exercise, meditation, movement, visualization, breathing exercises, relaxation-response training, mindfulness and on and on. They are all points on a continuum of practices that, done daily, profoundly enhance your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states.

I see Tai Chi and a treadmill in my future. And a little Chi Gung for dessert.
yup. sure. uh-huh. you betcha. right-o. I'll get right on that.

I wish to end this culturally marked solar cycle and enter the new calendar year with a recognition of Ike Neutron's Laws of Magick as defined by me. (misspelling intentional)
  1. The Law of "In-Nerd-ia" - A Pagan body at rest stays on the couch in front of the TV, or with an open book, or with game controller in hand. A Pagan body in motion around a ritual fire is often out of breath after a couple circumnavigations of the circle. I will strive to be a Pagan Body in Motion more often so I am not winded and invoking Air to return to my gasping lungs at the first expenditure of energy. Are ya with me?
  2. The Law of "Moment-ummmmm" - If the net force of an object is equal to the mass of an object multiplied by its accelleration - then my ability to have a positive impact on my inner and outer worlds (net force) is equal to me getting my sh*t together (mass) and doing the right thing in a timely way (accelleration is the obtuse inverse of PROCRASTINATION). Are ya with me?
  3. The Law of Unintentional Consequences - I have a whole new year to ponder the diametrically opposed statements - "cause & effect" and "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". This means that, like Bernie Botts Beans, life is going to contain a myriad of flavourfilled possibilities. Sometimes peppermint, sometimes earwax. Let's make for sweeter consequences where we can. Are ya with me?
So there you have it. My last post of the calendar year. Thanks for joining me on this little journey called Wiakia. It still isn't a knitting blog. But it has been a place where I could unravel a few ideas, and see what shape they take. Let's end with a song, shall we?

Make it a good one - without any fear. I wish you Peace.


  1. I so totally resonated with your Ike Neutron's Laws of Magick. Mind if I copy/paste into my disk of shadows for personal use? :)

  2. DarkylyFey - I would be honored - just keep my name attached! Thanks for reading. Happy New Year to all!