Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TT#23 - My Yule-tide Gift List

13 Things I Want for Yule

This is not intended to be a shopping list for family and friends - more of an exploration of self. However, if you can find any of these tasty treats on the shelf - hey - who doesn't like opening presents and squealing with glee. Maybe some of these will resonate for you as well.

1. A Renewed Sense of Porpoise. I want to move swiftly and directly towards my goals, with an innate sonar that helps me avoid obstacles and dangers and make sure I don't end up in a "See, World?" exhibit jumping through hoops for the delight of a jeering crowd and being tossed the occasional raw fish. I do enough Stupid Human Tricks - thanks very much. I'll be here all week.

2. A Different Compass. The past few years have been a time of Immersion in Elemental Compass Mysteries as I navigate the choppy seas of life. I have no Earth in my chart - and for two years my Air sun sign (Libra), my Fire moon sign (Aries) and my Water Ascendant (Cancer) have been imprisoned by the limitations of the physical body (Everything you wanted to learn about the Earth Mysteries, but were afraid to ask). Now that I am a healthy happy Crone - there are still parts of me that haven't caught up to this new state of being.

3. A Room With A View - Part of my daily personal ritual is to do what we call "The Self-Blessing" - that reinforces a set of goals for the day - to see clearly, to hear with discernment, to speak truth, to do sacred work, to give and receive love, and to move forward on my journey. All of these things are to help me recognize that it is not "all about me" - each one is about integrating my inner world with the Greater World - and being aware of my impact on "all that is". I need to ensure I kick out the jams and increase my awareness of the impact I have - and the changes I need to make to have a more beneficial impact in my world.

4. A Sharp Knife - I want to de-clutter my landscape - and Jacinthe dances with joy every time I unload another box of "schtuff" - and while there will be more stuff that to be released, repurposed, or recycled - I also need to remove from my life all the things that get in the way of achieving my life goals. And - no fear dear hearts and gentle people - most of those things are within me rather than outside of me. And what it means, really, is accepting the answers to some "double jeopardy" type questions that tie in directly to point number one. Some of my bad habits and inner demons and old ghosts need to be "put down" in the veterinary sense of the word.

5. A Rolodex of Remembrance - As I have gone through this Wheel of Fortune year - and believe me, it has been spinning centrifugally and increasing its speed exponentially - I have had multitudinous occasions to look back on my life, and think of the people that have passed through the corridors of my heart. I ask the musical question "where are they now/how are they now". I would like to let those that I have known, loved, befriended, learned from, sat with, taught, shared time/space/joy/sorrow with - especially those that have drifted away never to return by their choice and/or my choice- that I think of them and hope they are well. Nothing more - no discussion, no drama, no re-visiting the past. To friends lost and found, near and far, warm and cool ..."hey - hope all is well in your world."

6.   A "WE-Fit" - no, silly rabbits, not the new fangled gaming contraption that plugs into the big black box that steals the soul and mascerates precious minutes into useless by-products - a "we-fit" - the manifestation of good diet, a bit more exercise, and a little less of the salt and fat that add flavour to food, and make "livin large' just a little too easy to do.

7.   The Arms of Durga - ah, Divine Multi-tasking at its finest. Durga has, in some of her incarnaitons, up to 18 arms. This means She can type (on more than one keyboard at a time), knit, eat, pat the cat, hold hands with Her sweetie, pat a different cat, use the remote control, scratch where it itches, pat yet another cat, clean something, and flip through the latest edition of Vanity Fair and still have hands to spare. The knitting and typing at the same time hold particular appeal. What would you do simultaneously if you had 9 sets of hands/arms to do it with?

8.  To Broker a Deal with the House Boggles - to return all the lost bits and pieces of my life - buttons, earrings, my favourite lipstick (oh stop - I do wear it now and then), the USB cord and power adaptor for Pilot Hal (disappeared when I left Chapters), my favourite pen, and my optimism.  Oh, yes, and my ability to relax and have pure, unadulterated fun.  Maybe they can even repair my givadam - which got broken and duct taped and broken and crazy glued and broken and stapled together and broken and ..... when it comes to coping with "Still Life With Fish".  Sadly, Boggles are not renown for their ability to fix things - but they can sure find things - usually because they took them in the first place.  Note to self: leave out milk and honey more often. 

9.  The Devotion of Enheduanna  - Entum and Priestess of the Moon Goddess, Nana, Ritualist, Liturgist, writer of Hymns to Her, daughter in Spirit and flesh of Sargon, King of Ur, who inspired the story of Moses.  As the first ever "author on record in the first person", she wrote the first great hymns of praise to her Divine Mother, and her image has been recorded on a clay disc, and her words of devotion on cuniform tablets.  Oh, to be an "ornament of the sky" as her name is translated, to shine brightly in service to the Great Mother of the Fertile Plains.

10.  A Cleaned Up, Greened Up, Sustainable Planet - cared for by the loving hands of humankind everywhere.  Its a lot to ask.  But if you don't ask, you don't get.  Wiling to do my part and to nag others into doing theirs.  Proof positive - Ask Mister Norris. He now recycles the paper wrappers from his take out straws.

11.  My Two Front Teeth - literally.  Years of stress induced bruxism have caused my two front teeth to thin and shale away - and this fall they both broke off after being accidentally smacked with an umbrella across the mouth during a big wind and rainstorm.  Eating a piece of fruit increased the damage.  My Good Dentist was able to repair the damage for a while, but they broke again, and had to be repaired again.  Next time, I think we'll be doing some major dentistry.  I hate the fact that my singing voice has changed because my teeth are now different. No staring. You probably can't tell by looking - but trust me.

12.  A Secret DeCoder Ring - all the better to understand the secret communiques sent by Higher Powers through their various mortal and celestial messengers, all the better to figure out the big picture.  I guess I need to save a few more boxtops and proofs of purchase.  The question then becomes - what am I buying in to? 

13.  Another trip around the sun, surrounded by family, friends old and new, healthy food, good coffee, decent Scotch, dark beer, lots of music, books, movies, and yarn.  This one, I'm happy to share with all of you.  Join me on the journey. It will be a great time. 

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