Thursday, November 13, 2008

TT#22 - 13 Good Things To Do For Yourself this Winter

13 Things You Should Do For Yourself this Winter

Frugal may be the new black, but a little self-indulgence never hurt anyone.  Everyone should have a bit of secret decadence to draw strength from when the coldness of winter is clawing at the windows.  These are largely solitary or +1 pursuits - meant to be shared in the privacy and comfort of your own home (except for #1) .  Looking forward to  your comments and your additions to this list.

  1. Hot Stone Massage - If you can't see the Magickal Barbara here in Winnipeg - find a local practitioner where you are - imagine hot smooth stones gliding over your oiled skin, leaving heated relaxation in its wake as it obliterates tension. Blissful!
  2. Indulge in at least one bottle of very fine wine - or excellent scotch - at least once a year - on a cold winters night is a perfect time. Learn how to appreciate its mysteries. Learn to let it linger on your tongue and tantalize your palate and describe it using poetic words that border on the pretentious but actually define its multi-layered essence.
  3. Own at least one piece of clothing that is pure silk that you can wear in public.
  4. Explore the wonderful world of LUSH bath products - they have something for every gender and every taste.  Bubble or not as you may choose - but there is nothing like LUSH to wash the stress of life down the drain.
  5. Own at least one piece of clothing that is very high quality leather that you can wear in private.
  6. Bernard Callebeaut chocolate - as a true indulgence from your every day fair trade organic chocolate consumption.  Or - for Winnipeggers - Constance Popp on Portage Ave.
  7. Warm wooly socks - or warm bamboo fibre socks - toasty toes all winter long.  
  8. AND best paired with flannel pajamas.  and a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. (marshmallows are for sissies) - and a slug of brandy.
  9. a Duvet.  there are no words for how wonderful it is to sleep with a weightless warmth enveloping your flannel clad body (if you wear your pjs for sleeping in).  Flannel sheets for those who sleep au naturel and a duvet is all you need - in addition to your favourite sleeping companion.
  10. Really really good hot coffee with real 18% cream, no sugar.  Damn the heart palpitations and the clogged arteries.  Dark Roast Ahead!
  11. Silence.  no music - no video - no podcasts - no conversation - just silence. 10 minutes a day of blissful uninterrupted uncontaminated by anything louder than a cat purring or the furnace running silence. Sit and listen to yourself - or God - or the Goddess - or the sounds of your environment. Just be.
  12. I believe, with all my bookwormish soul that every person should own at least one leather bound hardcover copy of a book that has meaning for them - a book that becomes a sensual delight to read not only for the eyes and the mind, but also the sense of touch and the smell of parchment or vellum.
  13. Share a chair with your favourite canine or feline companion, and read 12, or drink 2, or 10 or 8, or enjoy 11 before you indulge in 9.  Many small decadences combined can make for a magickal winters evening - especially if daybreak means going to the Park Cafe for breakfast.
Happy Hedonism, my friends!  What are your personal and shareable indulgences that will help get you through the winter?  

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  1. wise wise words.
    i think i'm going to have to try the hot stone massage when i'm back in the peg.