Monday, October 13, 2008

yes - my TT is late - 3 days - but who's counting?

In the spirit of election season on both sides of the border - I've been crafting this for a bit - and had to step away from it for a day to let it gel - and then get it done.  I don't believe that good governance has to be as complicated as the status quo would like to have us believe.  The levels of bureacracy are a self-perpetuating controlled environment and our elected officials are merely figureheads in many respects, with the civil service having the real knowledge and power.  

Ah - politics - don't get me started.  I lack the intestinal fortitude to run for office - but I consider myself both a citizen and a patriot - and look forward to doing my civic duty on Tuesday.  

If you don't vote - you lose your right of complaint.  Your vote matters. Cast it wisely.  See you at the polls.

Enjoy the day,

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