Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vote for Goverment Change, Not Climate Change

Okay - no secret that I am politically opinionated.  No secret that I think the Environment is possibly the biggest issue affecting Canada's future - because it will drive the economy longterm.

I have voted "Green" (as in party) ever since there was one that I was aware of, and had a candidate to vote for.  But is it always the smartest vote - especially when we need to change the government to something that better represents the whole-ness of Canada's people and regions, and not a solid Reformist Conservative Agenda.  I debate about voting Green (where my heart is) but worry about splitting the vote when my vote might really be needed to upset the balance.

Look what I found - courtesy of my sister in song, Shivon Robinson.  To quote from her letter - forwarded via my other singing sister, Margaret Tobin (of Spirit's Call fame)...

Fortunately, voting strategically has just gotten a whole  lot
easier. There is now an amazing website,

that is tracking every riding in the  country and making
up-to-the-minute suggestions on how best to fight  Harper. It is the
coolest example of Canadian grassroots democracy  since the Free Trade
comic book.

 So that is the first thing to do: check out

You enter in your postal code, and they let you know how things are
looking for the various candidates in your riding -  very interesting
and useful info.) I was glad to see that in my riding, the
conservative doesn't have a chance of getting in, so I'm fine voting
for Denise. However, I noticed that there are several ridings in
Winnipeg where getting this information circulated could really make a

If enough of us  you contact your friends and colleagues,  acquaintances and list-mates, and let them know what you are thinking,  we could actually affect the results in some key ridings and, who  knows, we might even affect more than that. It’s worth a try.


Pass it on.  Check out your riding. Vote smart. Vote for Mother Earth. Government change, not climate change.  Make your best decision.  This isn't about supporting a particular party - this email is about supporting activisim for the change that Canada needs to protect the environment. (in my not so humble opinion).

Enjoy the day,

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