Thursday, October 2, 2008

TT#20 - My DO NOT DO List

Thirteen Things On My DO NOT DO list

 1. DO NOT give in so easily to distraction.  Find a way to mitigate the interruption, and refocus on the task at hand.  AND - when I think I need to take a break  - take it. But time it and get back to work when "time's up".

 2.  DO NOT attempt to mulit-task constantly.  See point #1, without the interruption component.

 3.  DO NOT eat potato chips when there is fresh organic fruit in the fridge - though salty is always preferable to sweet when it comes to snacks.  

 4.  DO NOT give in to the inertia of "Comfy Chair and Computer". Earn it with some treadmill time.

 5.  DO NOT forget to blog at least three times a week.

 6.  DO NOT get distracted surfing the internet when I could be reading a book. Or writing a review. Or writing a book. Or editing a manuscript.

 7.  DO NOT be late for my writing deadline - or I'll have a very unhappy editor.

 8.  DO NOT  eat a meal without preceding it with a glass of water.

 9.  DO NOT  be so hesitant to let go of "stuff" that only reminds me of the past.  Let it go and make room for the future.

10.  DO NOT put the gravel in the jar first. (that one's for you, Dan).

11.  DO NOT have second helpings. (often).

12.  DO NOT apologize for my food choices. Butter is a good choice.  Bread is just a butter delivery device. (That one's for you, Ella).

13.  DO NOT go through the day without telling the truth to at least three people.  Not that I make a habit of telling lies (quite the contrary - I am often brutally honest) - but sometimes, taking the time to speak words of meaning make all the difference. Truths like "thank you - I couldn't have done it without you" or "you are loved" or "I am responsible and I am sorry"  or "I'm so happy to see you - its been far too long".  Truths that elevate, energize, empower or exclaim wonder.  I must speak my truth,and speak it quickly when the opportunity presents itself.  Chalk this one up to "Firewalk talk".

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  2. Thank you! Glad you find it informative - and hopefully occasionally humorous as well.