Saturday, October 11, 2008

TT#20 - If Elected... 13 Pieces of Platform

Thirteen Things I Would Do if Elected

(on the assumption that I would have the power to do so - in no particular order)

1. Overhaul the tax system, making it more fair for working people, more balanced for corporations to encourage their re-investment in our economy and pay a fair tax on their profits,  penalize people/corporations who tried to hide their wealth offshore, and remove the B/S deductions system in favour of flat %'s based on gross income levels.  The higher the income, the higher the tax rate.  It just makes sense.  The bigger the corporate profit, the higher their taxes.  It just makes sense. 

2.  Overhaul family law to ensure that deadbeat parents cannot hide anywhere (but lose their drivers licenses, access to other civic services), that those spouses and parents who are abuse or use violence are treated as dangerous offenders and incarcerated - regardless of gender.  Make sure there are enough day care spaces available at reasonable costs to help people crawl out of poverty.  Subsidize ONLY those who need it.  Close loopholes that allow people to abuse the system - any system.  (Including EI).

3.  That voting become a mandatory activity to access public services like healthcare.  Even if the citizen spoils their ballot - they have to exercise their democratic franchise.  At all levels of government.  Citizenry is a two way street.

4.  That Parliament be reformed through proportional representation, and that the ridiculous petty bickering of "Question Period" be stopped, so that after elections, party politics stops wasting our time and resources and all elected members work together for what is truly "the best solution" for our country. That the Senate be reformed (not abolished) to provide guidance to the newly non-partisan House on how to move towards better legislation and policy as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Redraw how the Senate seats are awarded - no more patronage appointments to politicos - but not by public vote.  Teach government how to spell   t-r-a-n-s-p-a-r-e-n-c-y.

5.  Medical System Reform - graduates of Canadian medical institutions have to do 3 years as a GP in a major metropolitan area, or 2 years in a rural/remote setting.  They get significant tax breaks on their student loans for this period of public service.  A fee guide be set for standard medical practices, similar to the dental fee guides that exist in that industry. Up to 40% of any GP or specialist's practice can be for paying clients under the fee guide.  These paying patients get no special status or privileges other than access to those 40% app't slots on the daily calendar. Support technology (radiation, ultrasound, mri, etc) are run 24 hours a day, and these technicians are fairly compensated for taking the midnight shift.  Same for diagnostic labs, etc... medicine becomes a full time business in public service.  Diagnostic services can be purchased by any client willing to pay the full rate, but those privately paid appointments are scheduled during that later shift, so public health patients get their tests done first.  The paying patients are paying for the extra time/costs of running the overnight shifts, essentially.  If there are no paying patients, then public health needs fill up those slots.

6.  That some teeth be put into the justice system, that those convicted of crimes, as part of their incarceration,  do humanely managed community service work (fixing - building - doing whatever) as part of their reparation/rehabilitation/restitution piece, and that we have boards of review for judges, crown prosecutors, police forces and parole boards to ensure that a)vigilante justice doesn't rear its ugly head due to citizen frustration, and that b) tax paying law abiding citizens have a voice in the ongoing work of the justice system designed to protect them.  There needs to be a higher level accountability.

7.  That the murder of a police officer, or the death of a firefighter on the job, if the fire is caused by arson, would be treated as a capital crime against the nation and that the perpetrator would be executed, if convicted of their crime.  We MUST support the thin blue line, and the firefighters who stand between us and chaos and disaster.  

8.  That corruption be rooted out through the strategic implementation of a transparent system of disclosure at all levels of government.  In the words of my esteemed former "father-in-law" - "If it doesn't pass the smell test, something's rotten." We MUST honor the public trust.  No one is above the law.  Having said that - let's take a good hard look at the legal code, rewrite it into plain language, and decriminalize, reprioritize, and have the punishments fit the crime. Legalize and tax marajuana.  Strengthen drunk driver laws (lifetime suspension from driving).  Legislate protections for prostitution.  Strengthen the penalties for child molestation and rape.  Apply an abundance of common sense to the process.

9.  That the environment be a primary consideration in all decisions made by all levels of government.  I'm not talking about bullshit dollar wasting self-congratulatory environmental impact studies - I'm talking about true environmental awareness - and some pretty tough laws to significantly fine polluters and to rethink our economy and lifestyle as a nation. Canada should be a world leader in the preservation of clean water and wind/solar/tidal energy.

10.  That we find a way to improve the living conditions of the poor and working poor - all of them.  Through education, medical care, rehabilitation, training and expecting, in return, a commitment of personal responsibility that enables their dignity and diversity to remain intact - we can help those who need assistance to help themselves out of poverty.  And those who through mental or physical challenges, addiction, etc who cannot be assisted to change their circumstances - we must remain compassionate and care for them in ways that are reasonable and fair.  That vulnerable people receive the aid, training, support, whatever - as befits a compassionate society -and that those who can work and contribute, do so.  There is no job that is below the dignity of a worker who is properly honored for their contribution.  To that end, corporations who follow the 6-Step rule of organizational behavior (where the CEO earns no more than 6 times the wage of the lowest paid worker) should receive some corporate tax benefits for stimulating economic growth.

11.  That statutory holidays no longer be tied to an archaic non-culture calendar that does not fit a poly-cultural society, and be revised as follows:  Employees are able to declare 12 statutory holidays for themselves as individuals, to fairly cover their religious observances.    That Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day be essential services only in all provinces, across all employment sectors.  That all Canadians get 3 weeks of paid holiday per year, and one additional day per year of employment.

12.  That our armed forces be given the ways and means to be a significant force for good within our boundaries - and that they, in peacetime, to acts of public service, assisting the local constabulary at times of civic need, and having a positive presence within our communities.  We must remain a strong viable defence force, and if needs be, to be able to go on the offense against terrorism, and to assist our allies in strategic tactics to preserve human rights, human dignity, and to stand against injustice and dictatorships.  We also need to pay our UN dues and support the UN in its initiatives.  We also need to teach the true history of this great country - the good, the bad and the ugly - and then learn from it.

13.  That the termination of a pregnancy at any stage remain the decision of a woman and her doctor, that those who are suffering with terminal illness be given the option of ending their own suffering in a medically monitored and compassionate setting (with checks and balances firmly in place to prevent abuse), that cruelty to animals be considered as seriously as cruelty to human beings, that all citizens are implicitly equal in all ways regardless and without explicit qualifiers that are subject to interpretation.  That we celebrate the qualities that set us apart as a Nation - and find some national pride and patriotism.  Gods keep our land glorious and free.

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  1. i would so vote for you. and the one about the firefighters and police also goes for paramedics.
    we have a very high mortality rate on this job and are just as much at risk and danger as officers.
    ...mind you, our rates are increasing because the violence towards us is going up and we're forced to wear body armor and look like police. ....and i think i'm rambling.

  2. Absolutely I would include paramedics in the list of Protected Occupations. Those who Serve, Protect and Save Us - we owe them so much more than what they are given. Thanks for your comment - and may the Gods watch over you both on and off duty.