Thursday, October 23, 2008

TT 21 - My Favourite Holidays

Thirteen Things - My Favourite Holidays

1. Samhain (Hallowe'en to you lovely Mundane People) - when the darkenss is at its deepest, and the spirits of the Ancestors can draw close and whisper in your ear.  Always a blessing to spend time with my Beloved Dead, and to honor and thank my Mentors and Teachers. Grumps, Counsel, Dalukah, Stewart, QueenBee, Aunty Mugs, Mamman and DinDin - thank you all.  There's a place set at the table for you.

2.  Canada Day. I'm a patriot, and proud to have won the birth lottery and to live in this great land.  I also officiated my very first legal wedding on Canada Day, for two very dear friends - so that is a special memory, tinged with a bit of "that was then, this is now" wistfullness.  

3.  Remembrance Day.  I oppose the opening of non-essential services on what should be a National Day of Mourning.  No work.  No recreation.  Go to a sacred space, house of worship, memorial, cenotaph, Legion, civic gathering and give thanks for the lifeblood that has bought us our freedom.  Wear a poppy AND a Canadian flag on your lapel.  There are almost 100 good and current reasons that Canada should enshrine this day as something beyond the ordinary.  One reason is my cousin, casualty #88.  May the Gods protect our troops.

4.  Imbolc - the Festival of Brighid - the face of the Divine that speaks directly to my diluted Celtic blood.  Some day, I'll be at the Sacred fire in Kildare on Her day, and drink from Her sacred well, and tie a cloutie to a bush and make a wish/prayer on Irish soil.  May Her fire burn forever in my heart, and may I be between Her hammer and Her anvil until my life take a pleasing shape in the hands of the Creatrix.  Always smithie, sometimes healer, giver of words, and daughter of the Dagda - Brighid, you know my name.  Make my life a prayer to You.

5.  Yule - nothing says "welcome back, Sun" like a bonfire surrounded by snow and chanting witches.  Makes the neighbors wonder if you've lost all your marbles.  Almost as much fun as .....

6.   Summer Solstice - we've had men wearing Antler headdresses and long black capes performing the ritual blessings in our back yard in a circle cast in bird seed.  At sunrise.  I bet the neighbors wish we were bikers or something normal like that.

7.  Beltane -  the festival of "creative productivity" or is that "productive creativity" 0r maybe creative reproductivity and reproductive creativity.  All acts of love and pleasure are Divine Rituals.  I love the spring.

8.  Good Friday - because I get a day off - and we do a whole day Book Study every year.

9. September Long Weekend - for 8 years, it meant "Going on Retreat" - and now it means "leaving for Quebec three days early".  All gifts of the Goddess are double edged, they say -and I believe it.  

10. Christmas & Boxing Day - because after 25+ years, I am no longer in retail, and I don't have to get dressed and be ANYWHERE.  I get to plan a daylong feast of decadence and indulgence, and usually a movie marathon.  Babylon 5 in two days.  Gotta love it.  Pass the popcorn.

11.  Both Equinoxes - I've always been a Gibbous Moon witch - so it makes sense that the two "balance of light and darkness" festivals speak strongly to me, and are a time of great and powerful magick for me, on a personal level.  

12.  New Year's - Calendar Changing Day - the day of cultural potential. I don't make resolutions, but I like to give myself a kick in the keester and try to be / do  better as the sun shines increasingly brightly in the sky and it is 40 frickin below zero for three weeks. 

13.  St. Valentine's Day - cause I get to do something special for someone I love.  Does it get any better than that?

Honorable mention - Lammas - who can not like a feast day devoted to Home Baked Bread?  Thank you, John Barleycorn for the loaf-mass, and for the glass of grain distilled uisce beatha (waters of life) - that makes all the work of the harvest so very worthwhile.  

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  1. Number 1 and Number 5 our my personal favorites

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