Thursday, October 30, 2008

TT# 21 - My Beloved Dead (some of them)

My Beloved Dead

As the sacred year comes to a close, it is traditional to name our Beloved Dead, and honor their memory. My list is so much longer than thirteen. Here are some of the wonderful souls that have blessed my life and given me the gifts of their love, their wisdom, their time, their laughter and their zest for living. Some are blood kin, some Bretheren in the Faith, some family of the heart.

There is a tangle of tales for each name on this list - and many more names that will be called tomorrow night, to honor those who have crossed the veil. May I hear their wisdom in the quiet of the Samhain night, and may they remember me with love as they journey on the other side.
  1. Leslie A. Hurrell & Margaret Ives Hurrell (paternal grandparents
  2. Agnes Reid Watson & Kenneth Hayward (maternal grandparents)
  3. a very long list of Aunts, Uncles and a few cousins.
  4. Lloyd Seaman & Marian Seaman (mentors)
  5. Ruby Miller (High Priestess and teacher)
  6. Melinda Shore (friend)
  7. Stephen Kendall (High Priest)
  8. Judy and Peter Dawson (friends)
  9. Stewart Farrar (High Priest)
  10. Harry Lehosky (visionary & activist)
  11. Kadabarah of Blessed Memory
  12. Ron Oswald (music lover)
  13. James Hayward Arnal (my cousin and a Canadian Hero).

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  1. Have a happy Samhain!

    Witches flying past on broomsticks,
    Black cats leaping here and there,
    White-robed spooks on every corner,
    Mournful moaning in the air,

    Goblins peering out of windows,
    Spirit-things that rap and run-
    But don't be scared-it's just October,
    Having one last hour of fun!

  2. Very cute - just needs a melody and it would be a great song for pagan children. It almost scans to the melody of "The Christmas Song" aka "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". thanks for sharing!