Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Have I mention that I love Seth Godin?

Brilliant thinker - marketing whiz - author who walks the high wire of high concepts brought down to earth safely but without a net - and founder of Squidoo....

I got to meet him at the first SEO conference I went to, and asked him to sign my copy of his most recent book as a gift to my boss.  His dedication - "Dan - listen to Susan", Seth Godin.

What a card.  What an amazing person. He's one of those great communicators that makes me thankful that  I live in the digital age. (faster access to information).

His latest blog post just HAS to be shared - for two reasons.

One -because he is raising money for good causes - and asking for help in distributing the wealth


Two - He has shared a manifesto in point form to guide the online community to better behavior and a more complete expression of the best of what makes us human.

Read it  - and let it guide you.  Or not.  Up to you.  But who doesn't want to be a better human being?  Maybe that's how we evolve - we choose to change?

Enjoy the day,

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