Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do - or Do Not - Prioritizing from the Bottom Up.

and a gracious good afternoon to you - wherever you may be.

As I herd my ducks into a row for Work Around Wednesday (read all about this great new trend that is sweeping the nation - or at least - my living room), I am of course checking my email with due diligence, and skimming through my daily dose of blog.

I love blogs. Good ones.  Interesting Ones. Helpful Ones.  Lately,  I've been reading a few more productivity blogs - to help me get some insight on bad habits, good habits, and tips, tricks, and hacks to get more done and cram more living into my allotted 24 hours per spin round the sun.

These great reads are chock full o'good ideas, helpful hints, and links to great tools - but today I read one that stopped me in my tracks cause it turned the whole "gettin things done" paradigm on its head.

Instead of making a list of "things to do" - Mark Shead on Productivity 101 suggests that from time to time, we create a list of "Things Not to Do".  His theory is that this helps you prioritize from the bottom up a well as the top down.  A worthy concept.

So - this makes me wonder - what do I do that I should put on a "do not do" list.  What would be on yours?  Might be a good "ponder rock" for a TT13 list - and wouldn't ya know it - tomorrow is Thursday.

Stay tuned, sportsfans, you don't want to miss a thing!

Enjoy the day,

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