Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TT#19 - The Magical Earth

Explanation: I have joined forces with my lovely partner, and two of our best friends to leap empty-handed into void - okay - holding a microphone - to create The Magical Earth pagan quadcast (cause there is four of us). So I thought it would be a great TT topic.

  1. It was Cliff's idea. and Alex's. We got invited to join the party. But it is a darned fine idea. We're all pretty opinionated and have divergent points of view - and we have enough in common to create a container of conversation.
  2. I believe that there is a natural synergy between Spirituality and the Environment - and I'm not alone. In an upcoming episode, Jacinthe will be discussing an archival "What Is Enlightenment" article (an interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner) that talks about how these two forces are really one.
  3. Its fun. We laugh a lot - we pun off each other, we groan, we giggle, and did I mention we laugh? Not sure how much of the laughter will survive the final edits, though.
  4. We're doing it with dear friends. Who better to explore unknown territory with?
  5. We do it in sacred space - we start with our circle-casting liturgy (which will be expanded from quadcast to quadcast.) We are in temple space doing a wild and wacky form of sacred work.
  6. We get to hear what we sound like - and that can only help each of us become better communicators.
  7. I get to talk about Tarot - my grand passion in my occult life. Each episode will be brought to you by "THE CARD" of the day - attuned to the numerological energy of the date we do the bulk of the recording.
  8. I get to read Sacred Poetry - my second grand passion in my occult life. I love to collect (good) sacred poetry from all spiritual traditions - especially if it presents our relationship to the Divine in juicy, visceral, intertwined and engaged way. I love to read poetry aloud, and I love to teach people how to write Sacred Poetry. If I get enough interest, I'll do another round of "Valiente's Spirit" - my sacred poetry writing workshop.
  9. I get to honor people who inspire me - particularly the fabulous Mojo and Sparrow of The Wigglian Way who have, in my not so humble opinion, one of the top three Pagan podcasts going - the other two being The Crooked Path, and Druidcast. All three feature pagan music, which is a bandaid to my poor broken musical heart. I love music - and can never find enough good Pagan music out there. I'd love to feature more Pagan music - so if you are a Pagan musician with a recording - bring it on!
  10. This is new technology to step into the "space that is not a space and a time that is not a time" that is the Internet. Very Exciting.
  11. It enforces discipline - we have made a committment - we have to plan for it and prepare - and then we have to do it.
  12. I'll get to learn stuff about stuff and about my friends and about me and about my gods. win-win-win-win-win.
  13. did I mention the laughter?
Tune in and give us a spin - let us know what you think and what you'd like to see. We are all fellow travellers on The Magical Earth.

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