Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TT# 18 - What We Can Can - We Can Can! (somebody call Baz Luhrman!)

Thirteen Things that We Have Put Up for the Winter (okay, more than 13)

Apologies for missing last week's TT13 - life is messy.

But for this week - we have the literal fruits (and vegetables) of our labor! In the past month, my lovely "cuisiniere" (French for Mistress of the Kitchen, armed with ladle and Henkel knife) and I (her faithful assistant, obedient bearer of burdens and anticipator of needs) have picked, packed, chopped, sliced, diced, peeled, plucked, pared, boiled, saute'd , roasted, sterilized, certo'd, spiced, stirred, seasoned, taste-tested, wrapped, jarred, immersed in boiling water, and listened for the glorious popping sound from the cooling GEM jars - stocking our cold room and our freezer with the following:

1. Salsa - with 5 habanero peppers, 15 chipotle peppers and 26 jalepeno peppers (some like it hot - we like it on fire) and over 50 lbs of tomatoes - plus onions, garlic, and green peppers...

2. beet jelly - amazing sweet and tangy - great on hot buttered whole grain toast made from home-made bread.  Who would have thought the humble beet would gel so well?

3. hot pepper jelly (turns a warm brie into a meal best eaten with Carrs water biscuits)

4. home made chunky ketchup - with a bit of a bite - but sweet too. (like us?)

5. barbecue sauce - tomatoes and peaches and peppers and goodness! lambs are lining up to be basted with this wondrous concoction.  Gotta call Braggi to get more lamb for winter.

6. vegetable broth concentrate (frozen as ice cubes - why take the space to freeze water)

7. cherries (frozen) for ice cream making

8. strawberries (frozen) for ice cream making

9. raspberries (frozen) for ice cream making

10. blueberries (frozen) for ice cream making (we make our own ice cream - if anyone wants to hear the mint-chocolate chip story that made me buy an ice-cream maker - just ask).

11. rhubarb (frozen) for pies and tarts (we'll steal some strawberries designated for ice cream and create heavenly pies for discriminating palates)

12. tomato chutney - a relish for burgers, sausages, and grilled sharp cheddar cheese sandwiches.

13.  apples (frozen) plus apple pies already made and ready for the oven - we were gifted with 50 lbs of Manitoba apples - lots of peeling and coring - but hot apple pie with home made vanilla ice cream is a thing of beauty and a joy for dessert. Thanks, Viv for the apples.  The tendonitis was absolutely worth it.

14.  yellow beans (canned) - 20 lbs is a lot of beans.  It was a weekend that was truly "full of beans".  We weren't laughing so hard by the end of it.  20 lbs.  

15.  asparagus (frozen) - to be savoured with butter in the dead of winter to remember what green tastes like.

Next week - salsa verde (with green tomatoes), home made spaghetti sauce, sweet pepper jelly, mild/medium salsa (depends who you ask), and  the week after that - whatever we can buy cheap by the case on the last weekend of the farmers market the week after.  Any ideas? Suggestions?  great recipes to share?

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