Thursday, August 21, 2008

TT# 16 - a quick and dirty List of my favourite foods

Thirteen Things about Foods I like

Not a particularly inspired or insightful TT this week - and my apologies for skipping last week - life is happening, and life is messy.

My favourite foods:

1. Cheeseburgers - the square meal in a round bun that you hold in your hands. (V'Jays On Main - the VJ's Special)
2. Onion Rings - or more specifically - Onion Loaf (a la Tony Roma's).
3. Pasta Del Giorno with Rose Sauce and Spicy Chicken, extra Garlic (Tomato Pie)
4. The Buffet at East India Company. 'Nuff said.
5. Jacinthe's Thai Curry (she learned how to make it from a Fish. True Story).
6. Jacinthe's 3-step Lamb Schezuan
7. Potatoes and onions done in foil on the BBQ
8. A thick juicy rare/med rare steak (Garwood Grill or by me.)
9. Moxie's Beef Vindaloo. Especially made by Adrien (ah, the memories)
10. La Fiesta's Three Enchilada plate, with that great sour salad.
11. okay - anything Joseph has ever cooked for me.
12. Jacinthe's home made double vanilla ice cream gives Merkato Gelato in all its glorious diverse flavours a serious run for my frozen-treat palate. Home cookin' wins every time.
13. right - just about everything that Jacinthe makes. I eat very well and am blessed to live with someone who is a gourmet cook in the slow food tradition.

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