Thursday, July 17, 2008

TT13 - the Folk Fest Final Analysis

Thirteen Things - the Post Folk Fest Analysis

1. Great - Michael Franti delivered a wonderful show to a very appreciative audience who grooved with the message and the music.... but.....
2. Bad - the same crowd was infiltrated by numerous "really big jerks" whose sense of drunken/high arrogant entitlement shoved people, pushed people, put children at risk, and generally took the joy out of the experience. No crowd surfing at Folk Fest. This is not a mosh pit.
3. Grateful - that the weather on Sunday was bright and sunny and almost hot enough
4. Really Sucked - being there on Saturday with horizontal rains and polar wind gusts that would have shut down any other festival except for ours due to
5. SUPERB - technical crews and volunteers who did the changeover from mainstage to Green Ash in less than an hour and everything still started on time. YAY THEM!
6. Annoyed by - musical acts playing the same songs in their workshops that they later play during their mainstage or small stage concerts. Come on people, you got repertoire - mix it up. Now I'm really NOT going to buy your cd. You only know 4 songs.
7. Glad to see - old friends that I hadn't connected with in a while - you know who you are! Love you!
8. Very Proud of - Gillian Oswald for so graciously accepting her dad's Golden Banjo Award on his behalf - Ron was looking down from Music Heaven and smiling...
9. Thrilled to See such great talent as Nanci Griffith, Charlie Louvin, The Soujourners, Jim Byrne, The African Woman whose Name I Can't Spell, Justin Townes Earle (say hi to your Daddy!), the Infamous Stringbusters and Spider John Koerner as standouts in a field of great talent. We won't talk about the raging disappointments, will we, Kathleen Edwards?
10. Truly Blessed - to share the tarp with my clan. The best way to experience Folk Fest is to share it with people you love. And a stuffed Frog. Ban the Beachballs.
11. Overwhelmed - to hear Ray Davies sing "the hits" that shaped some of my musical memories. What an amazing performer, with an amazing cannon of music. Hymn for a New Age should become as much of a classic as Lola.
12. Tickled Pink - to have my annual Whale Tale, my annual Extreme Lemonaide, and to eat curry off rented plates.
13. Not broke but badly bent - managed to avoid the Handmade Village (and the amazing stag horn bag) but made my annual tithe to the Folk Fest Music Store and walked out with one or two more than I should have, really.

Riddle me this, Batman - how can a blues singer from the Crescent City NOT know by heart all the words to Amazing Grace? Bad enough in 2005 and 2006 when The Singing Floozies permanently embarrass themselves and all of us on the Gospel Stage when they sing the one verse they knew (kinda) over and over again (with too much extra "we're white chicks singing like we think black chicks sing" vocalization) - but for John Boute to have to read the lyrics to Amazing Grace in the Finale was beyond belief!

The countdown has begun for next year - so come Folk with me!

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