Thursday, July 10, 2008

13 Things I'm Taking to Folk Festival (TT#12)

  1. Adrien - who will be healed by the supersonic ministry of Reverend Michael Franti and the choir of angels known as Spearhead. Power to the Peaceful.
  2. knitting - grey lace circle shawl in the "fishnet" pattern.
  3. The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan - Lisa made Jacinthe read it - and Jacinthe is making me read it. I think we'll be starting the First Church of the Magdelene in 2009.
  4. Larabars - tasty little bars of healthy goodness.
  5. Rainforest Crisps - wonderous little mixed media crackers - sweet AND savoury.
  6. Sunscreen - Melaleuca brand - its the best
  7. hand sanitzer - Melaleuca brand - its the best (echo)
  8. frozen washcloths - cause you need a pause that refreshes when its 37 degrees
  9. anticipation of great dinners at East India Company's booth - on rented plates.
  10. Kleenex - because Michael Franti, Joan Armatrading, Nanci Griffith and Eliza Gilkinson are going to make me cry. Likely there will be others that make me cry. Hopefully this year, I'll only cry because of the music.
  11. My nearest and dearest - family, clan, old friends, new friends, work friends - just a day to mix and match all the people in my world. A special shout out to the Greene's, Carey's, Punkerts, Stornells, The Boss and his Ladies Fair, and Ms. SqueakySongs - plus a heya to the Martinmonster, and a woo hoo to Barrett's first folk fest. SEE YOU THERE! Odette, I'll miss seeing ya this year.
  12. Open-ness to hear new wonderful music and to fall in love with a bunch of new great new musicians again and again every day.
  13. the lovely Jacinthe - sharing music, sharing the Festival Experience - 3.5 days of nothing but wonder and serious relaxation time with the Perfect Companion. I am so blessed.

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  1. Froazen washcloths! I can't believe I lived fifty years and never thought of it. Have a great day at the folk festival!

  2. You forgot your chair. Turn back now and get your chair or your bum and back will hurt all weekend...


    See you tonight *HUGS*opmap

  3. Mariyn - Frozen washcloths are a hold-over from my childhood camping experiences - my father dragged us through every square yard of black-fly and mosquito infested NorthWest Ontario! My Mom was a girl guide leader - she came prepared.

    and Randilin - my Folk Fest Chair is velcro-ed to my butt - no danger of forgetting my Greatly Enlarged Posterior!

    Hope you both had a great Festival and have recovered from the hypothermia!