Thursday, July 31, 2008

13 Things I Believe to Be True (TT#14)

Thirteen Things I Believe To Be True

I've had lots of time to think this year - since it is a "Wheel of Fortune" year numerologicaly - I know I am going through a portal experience on a near-daily basis. I have examined my own mortality, and buried friends and family. I have been challenged to grow professionally and see a larger future than I ever dreamed possible. I have both embraced and released old friends and new. I have thanked, blessed, released the past - grateful for its lessons, yearning for the healing power of love to manifest in my life. I have been rejected. I have felt acceptance. I have been greatly loved. I have been reviled. I am learning. I am hopeful.

I am determining what I believe to be true. Foundational Statements: Life is messy. The Ancient Ones are Gracious, but not necessarily kind. Knitting is good. Music is Salvation. Cats are aliens, with a fiendish plot to take over the world. Coffee is life, and good Scotch is single (malt) and old enough to vote. I won the birth lottery. Then I won the Life Lottery when I met Jacinthe. And - there's more. Always more.

These following 13 things are true today. They are subject to modification - but I don't think they will change. They each feel as if they were bought and paid for with a hard lesson - and a great blessing.

I Believe - just for today - and maybe tomorrow - for myself - that :

1. That there is some Power greater than us mere human mortals that set in place the Natural Laws that cannot be changed, and that gives a perversely chaotic order to the Universe. It is greater than the gods created by humanity in our own image, and does not care about us one bit.

2. That there is no Power greater than myself when it comes to controlling my own destiny - because even in the face of the Unpredictable, I have the power of Choice and the power to choose. The Mystery is in knowing the right choice, in the right moment.

3. That Love Conquers All Fears - and that Love alone is Not Enough. Love must be accompanied by respect, truth, compassion, and honor. Then it is more than Love, and might be enough.

4. There is no law that says the Universe is a fair place. Bad things happen to good people, bad people live long healthy lives and good people die young. Some days you're the rabbit, some days you're the fox, and damn Walt Disney for making us think that the Natural World is cute and cuddly and that our true nature as foxes or rabbits will not always win out. It always does. It just depends on the day what color your fur is, and how long your ears are, or if you have a long brush of a tail, or a little powder puff of fluff on your behind. And who released the hounds?

5. That people are inherently good, and want to do the right thing - but their choices get clouded by fear, anger, need, lack, or shame. I need to remember that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind - and to find room for compassion to balance my discernment. Similary, remember that I too struggle with many demons, and may not always win, or win easily.

6. That I am greater than the sum of my life experiences. My personal evolution is exponential, not linear. I need to give myself more credit and acknowledge all that I am. I need to believe in all that I will be. And I need to remember that the same is true for you.

7. I am loved. I am loving. I am lovable. No doubt - no question - no conditions. My humanity does not negate my dignity, nor is it to be used as a reason to withdraw or withhold love. This doesn't mean you have to like me. Oh, and by the way - I am beautiful.

8. That response is better than reaction. That action is better than stasis. That change is better than stagnation. That time is a limited and finite measurement of my life -and I always need to hear the clock ticking to help me respond, act and change as befits the situation. I cannot change the past, but I can shape the future. I am not wounded. I am healing. I have scars, not scabs. I cannot look backwards in anger, but must look forwards with compassion.

9. That I need to call Bullsh*t more often in life, and be prepared to have it called on me as well. I'm not talking about picking gnits or being disrespectful. There are simply times when Bullsh*t cannot be allowed to stand. It just stinks up the planet for everyone.

10. That it is far to easy to squander the gifts given to us by that Universal Creative Force - due to the lowest aspects of our human nature, that we were born to rise above. We may or may not get many lifetimes to learn that lesson - we don't know - so I'd better do my best in the time I have. Not sure how many trips around the sun I'll be taking - so I should pack Light, and make this time count.

11. We were meant for more than we are so willing to settle for. Uncle Aleister said it best - "We are all stars". We guide each other through the journey of life, forming constellations of family, friends, community - providing inspiration and reassurance that we do not twinkle alone in the darkness, but shine brightly with others in the firmament of life. I must remember to acknowledge the stars that guide me - and tell them.

12. That those who love us - family - friends - clan - colleagues - comrades - will gather around us during the darkest times and hold us up when we no longer have the strength to go on. They will also be there to celebrate the joyful moments - but the deepest proof of their love is in their willingness to stand at the edge of the Shadowlands and prevent the Darkness from taking one more step towards our fragile hearts. When we regain our strength, they help us up from our knees, cook us a good meal, and then they will step back and allow us to go forward with dignity intact - but will always be there, a mere heartbeat away, should we stumble. And they never throw the memory of those broken moments in our faces. That would be unkind and unworthy of a loving heart. (they lose their membership in my club if they do that).

13. Freedom is NOT free. It is paid for with pain and blood - and with tears. We must stand against Bullies, Tyrants, Dictators, and those who would take away the inherent dignity of our humanity, our basic human rights, and our freedom. Not just here in Canada, or in the developed world - We must stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves and speak for those who are silent - or silenced. There have been 88 Canadians who paid the price in blood - and 88 families who paid the price in tears - and this should make us even more proud to be Canadian.

Thanks for the space to work out a few of these ideas. I welcome your comments.

Enjoy the day.

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