Thursday, June 19, 2008

13 Reasons I Love Living In Winnipeg (TT#10)

Thirteen Reasons I Am Appreciating Where I Live...

Having just returned from a business trip to Toronto...

1. All I Need is the Air that I Breathe - and I prefer clean and clear to thick and odoriferous.

2. Water that tastes like water - straight from the tap.

3. Friendly Manitobans. Comparatively, there is no comparison when it comes to basic everyday "how people treat people".

4. Even our scariest panhandlers aren't as scary as the man who actually came INTO the cafe I was eating at, and screamed at me to give him a quarter until the Mgmt got him out.

5. Our "service industry" still understands that politeness and meeting a basic expectation are still vital parts of the transaction process.

6. We have trees. Lots of beautiful green leafy trees.

7. We "get the order right". the only part of my meal last night that was right was the Cole Slaw - White meat was dark meat, baked potato was French Fries, Coke was Pepsi, gravy was "dippin sauce (ugh), and the dinner roll was a stale hockey puck of dough. Yummy.

8. We don't have a double digit humidex. Breathing felt like drowning (on smelly seawater).

9. We still respect personal space. I was pushed, bumped into, had my feet stepped on and my suitcase on wheels rammed into by other pedestrian commuters.

10. Our restaurants are reasonably priced, and offer good value for money. Oh, and the food tastes like food.

11. Our drivers still respect things like red lights, pedestrians in the middle of intersections, and the need for turn signals when changing lanes. Didn't know a bus could stop that fast.

12. Our street vendors are not aggressive. There is a thin line that separates the guy at the hot dog cart on the corner of Front and Bay from the guy in #4.

13. Big Blue Sky - not tall glass and steel towers of commerce.

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  1. I live in Toronto and moved here from the midwest United States. I completely agree with ALL of your points. I'm looking forward to the day I get to move out of this dreadful place.