Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thirteen Living People I'd Like to Meet.... (TT#7)

Thirteen Living People I'd Like to Meet

I need to qualify this by saying that I'm not talking about shaking hands in a receiving line - I mean 'meet - sit - talk - have a glass of beverage - shoot the breeze on a summer afternoon" - that kind of meet. I've had my fair share of meeting famous people for 30 seconds - and with a couple very rare and precious exceptions - where true conversation or communion happened - getting a cd or record signed is not "meeting" - its part of the game.

ANYWAYS..... in no particular order - (honest)

  1. Keith Richards - you knew this would be Number One. Maker of wonderous music - hedonist - family man - survivor - devotee of Dionysus to the core...
  2. George Bush - just to give him a piece of my mind. Toss in his little buddy just for an appetizer. Does the US still have a Vice President? Mr.Haliburton has been very invisible of late.
  3. Yoko Ono - a vibrant treasure in both art, music, philanthropy, and peace activism. She has had an amazing life - with a history of accomplishment that started long before she met her soul-mate. Pure Genius. Fortunately more people are waking up to her contribution to the avant-garde art movement -and to music. Her Peace Activism is her proudest badge of honor.
  4. Stephen Harper - recipient of an other piece of my mind. I got to meet his mentor Preston Manning - had to introduce him at a public event - and got to have a decent conversation about honoring the diversity of all Canadians (gay rights/minority religious rights). He listened politely. My CCF activist grandfather whirled like a dervish in his grave that I was fraternizing with the anti-christ.
  5. John Nash - because I don't think he was crazy - I think his beautiful mind saw the truth in many things and got shut down by the establishment. He was persecuted for his uniqueness (and his bisexuality and politics). Maybe Stephen Hawkins could join us for tea...
  6. James Randi - who never gets nominated as the Greatest Canadian - this peerless investigator of the paranormal toured with Alice Cooper and exposes the fraudulent who prey on the greiving and the gullible.
  7. Maxine Sanders, the first Alexandrian High Priestess. She was there at the beginning of the second wave of Wicca - and I'd love to hear her side of it. The unpublished unvarnished truth. And I would promise to not repeat a word of it. Witches Honor.
  8. Aidan Kelly - a divine madman and holy fool that released the hounds and stormed the castle, telling tales and spilling all the beans. The Chameleon of the Craft.
  9. Kaffe Fassett - the grand old man of sticks and strings. His work has inspired a revival in the fibre arts - and his designs stand up to the cruel test of enduring fashion.
  10. Van Morrison - only if he's not being cranky and grumpy - teach me all the old Irish Folk tunes you have stored up in that vast musical archive that is your mind. I would even pick up the bar tab (who needs to make the mortgage payment).
  11. Pete Seeger - to worship at the feet of the Saint - peace-maker, truth speaker, troubadour, keeper of the flame and living legend. An International Treasure.
  12. Romeo Dallaire - but we would only talk about the future of his humanitarian work - but if he wanted to talk about the past if he wanted to - he might need a break.
  13. Stephen Lewis - the greatest living Canadian. He'll be in town in a couple weeks and I look foward to hearing him speak.

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