Thursday, May 22, 2008

13 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (TT#6)

(and yes, I know this is late - but I at least started it last Thursday - does that count? didn't think so!)

Thirteen Things I Want to do Before I Die

Some realistic, some possible, some requiring more effort than I may be prepared to invest and some are just fantasies with very little likelihood of coming true. But then... you never know...

1. Achieve a new and improved level of overall fitness, and general healthiness. Doable - all it requires is responsible eating and moderate exercise. Once I get to that point - hopefully before I'm 50 - then I'd like to move on to #2 -

2. Run a Marathon. (stop laughing). The only thing stopping me is the desire to invest time and energy in training for it. Do-able. Possible.

3. Become a published author. Do-able - I need to finish any one of the manuscripts I have under construction, and either get published, or self-publish. (note that I did not say "international best-selling author")

4. Record a cd with Musique Magique. Do-able only if the "group mind" also wants it to happen.

5. Visit the following sacred sites: Delphi, the Hagia Sophia, the Parthenon, Macchu Pichu, the Wailing Wall, the tomb of Rumi, and Mecca. Not So Do-able given the state of the world.

6. Knit a very complex super expert highly intricate Elizabeth Zimmerman or Meg Swanson piece of lace. Preferably something I would wear. Do-Able if I really put my mind & fingers to it and accept the challenge to my knitting skills.

7. Go back to Ireland, and visit Scotland. Possible to do - but guilt about taking pleasure flights in an era of climate change is enough to make me talk myself out of it before I even pick up a tourbook. I'd love to re-visit the Irish Woolen Mills in Dublin - what an amazing place - and visit some of the great Wooleries in Scotland.

8. Master a second and third language. My French really should be better than it is, and I'd love to be conversant in Hindi, and/or Gaelic. Do-able with determination.

9. Meet any of the following people for an afternoon that involves pitchers of a cold alcoholic beverage and some serious conversation: WAIT - this is a great idea for a separate T13 list. Watch this space for an expanded answer in a stand-alone post - This Thursday, goldarn it.

10. Spend time in an Ashram in India, chanting with Krishna Das. See above point for thoughts on climate change guilt. Do-able but highly unlikely that I would ever invest the $$$ needed for this. Maybe he'll come to Winnipeg.

11. Become a recognized expert on Tarot. My passion. Own all the decks I covet, and teach classes online and in person to share my diverse knowledge of this wondrous subject. (Had to let a little ego creep in here somewhere.)

12. Listen to all the music I have on my "want list" - too numerous to mention here.

13. See a shift in global consciousness that would allow all Earth's Children to live in peace, security, abundance, happiness, and acceptance on a healthy planet. Do-able? Its up to each one of us, isn't it.

bonus points: get my Thursday 13's done on Thursday - not just "started" on a Thursday. I will do better. :)

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  1. Hi, Susan,

    I just read your haiku over on Wendy Knits blog. Beautiful!