Thursday, May 1, 2008

13 Reasons to Read my Tumblog (TT#4)

Thirteen Reasons to Subscribe to My Tumblr Page Feed

1. Links to environmental stuff I find on TreeHugger that I think people need to know about.

2. YouTube videos that I deem worthy. Mostly because they are related to music, more than likely.

3. Cool stuff I find on Russ's Tumblog, Cliff's Tumblog, or Betty's Tumblog. All very good sources of wild things that make my heart sing.

4.Poetry and important information from The Daily Bleed. You can never have enough Anarchist Poetry.

5. Poetry and inspiring stuff I collect on my Spiritual Travels. I'm not exactly a Spiritual Tourist, but I do get around, and have a steamer trunk covered with decals.

6. If I find some form of interactive Quiz that I think has a certain merit and is not just a stupid "facebookish" time-waster - you'll find it there.

7. Tasty Morsels from the Canadian News Buffet - the Mop & Pail, the National Pest, Crappy News Network, the Daily Press...

8. Quotable Quotes. Words of Note. Sound Bites through the Ages.

9. Music - videos, songs, clips, lyrics, whatever ... tunefully yours.

10. bits and bobs from better blogs near you.

11. Obituaries of prominent thinkers, doers, and other sentient be-ings

12. Pictures that tickle my fancy. And we all know how much I like having my fancy tickled. Stop that.

13. Anything else I darned well please. So there. Its my tumblog and I'll post if I want to. :) Enjoy the Day!!!!!

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  1. You might want to include a link to your Tumblr. It would be helpful