Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where I am is Convalescing

Hey there Hi there!

Where I am is recovering from a laproscopic double salpingo oophorectomy - surgical removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes - and the tumor that was dancing with my right ovary. Biopsy results are encouraging - no chemo slated - other than a heaping helping of pain management drugs and some pretty intense body pain - all is well.

And yes, I am making light of this, to the best of my ability. If I don't laugh, I'll cry.

Knitting did not accompany me to the lovely St. Boniface hospital - there was no time or space, and it would have gotten tangled in the self-administered morphine pump thingy - and I was far more interested in self-medication than self-entertainment. The nurses were amazing (with the exception of one nurses' aid who talked to me like I was 3) and I am grateful to my doctor (the wonderful Dr. Erin Dean) for her steady hands, her confidence, and her unwavering belief that all would be well. As a gynecological oncology surgeon, I'm glad that she gets to have a happy ending patient story (me!) - sitting in the waiting room at Cancer Care was pretty hard on the emotions. There but for the grace of the Goddess goes I.

Now that I am home, and being well loved and cared for - I am knitting in the lucid moments between codeine comas and self-care stuff. It's a little grey shawl, on 3mm needles, knitted with mercerized crochet cotton. I plan to weave some beads into it, making one of my (should be) patented "chakra shawls" that I love to make and give. It is a simple pattern, abridged from a book on shawls - it starts with 8 stitches, and grows from there. I'll look it up for you.

I also have a couple other projects on the go - and they will get mentioned as they get attention. This blog is being created in direct response to my dear friend Randilin's blog (Between the Ticks)- he has inspired me to do this. I have started two blogs - this one for the everyday stuff, and one that is attached to my Bloglines subscription called The Exponential Times - where I can riff on the stuff I'm reading "in the moment". They may end up combined - or not. We'll see.

We'll also see if anyone reads this (or that). I have no cherished outcomes. I hope to be as fascinating as the very famous Wendy, and her lovely seal point rag doll cat named Lucy - I have 3 more cats but have far less knitting skills. Since there is NOTHING I can do for the next three weeks except sit - knit - type - sleep - snore - then perhaps I'll try something more adventurous.

Or perhaps knitting will just be the excuse and I'll rant and rave about whatever moves me - and be as interesting as Randilin's blog - Between the Ticks - worth the read every single day.

So there you have it.

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