Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Hey there, hi there -

ah, a line from one of my father's favourite songs (one that he very much could identify with - more's the pity)...

I find myself home alone with the cats this Sunday am - Adrien has gone off to work at Moxies Classic Grill (Bring back the Kahlua Cheesecake!) and Jacinthe is Mistressing her Choir, Musique Magique. I'm usually at rehearsals with her, singing in the Tenor section, but my abdomen will not support any deep breathing or sustained singing - yet. Soon I hope.

So its me and the cats. Blissful silence. Right now, there's the clicking of computer keys, soon to be followed by the clicking of knitting needles. Ah, what to put on in the background - music? a movie? and what to knit? A new project? finish up an older one? decisions, decisions.

My little grey lace shawl has been unravelled, due to a visit from my grandson, Jayden - who attempted to hand me my knitting, but unfortunately precipitated a tragic lace stitch run for freedom - and given that it was being knit on 2mm needles with crochet cotton, basically - once the lace started to let go, so did I, and started rolling it into a grey ball of sadness, waiting to be knit again.

"Cultivate patience"
, says the Knitting Buddha. "Knitting is Impermanence."

I was reminded that I usually knit variations of one of three patterns - all blankety shawlly wrappy type things - and while I ooohhhh and aaahhhhh over various garment patterns that come my way, I rarely (translation: NEVER) knit garments. I resist. I knit baby blankets, wedding blankets, birthday blankets, chakra shawls, croning shawls, housewarming blankets, but no clothes. Sad but true, the Knitting Empress has no clothes.

I have mastered these three variable patterns and knit on. I have made sweaters, ponchos, mitts, socks, etc in the past, but for the last two decades, I have not produced a wearable shaped or pieced garment, unless it was a circle, a square, a rectangle or a triangle. Minimalist that I am - I have become a Pythagorean Knitter - concerned only with geometric shape, and not structure. I wonder if this in any way coincides with my decision about 25 years ago to wear almost only ever black? mmmm..... time to sit on Ponder Rock for a bit.

Off to refill the coffee cup (all hail the Sacred Bean) and determine what audio / visual stimulation I require to enhance this morning's knitting experience.

and to ponder. I'll consult the cats - my mewses for many of life's creative mysteries.

and so it goes...

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