Thursday, April 10, 2008

My First Thursday 13 List - Why I Knit

Thirteen Things about Why I Knit

1. Someone finds less pleasant work for what are perceived as idle hands (usually my partner).
2. There is a sense of accomplishment.
3. It makes me feel artistic (can't draw a straight line with a ruler).
4. I love to give gifts that I have made, and watch people enjoy the gift over time.
5. Knitting allows me time to think that doesn't look like thinking.
6. Some of my best friends are knitters, and I like being in their club.
7. I love the play of textures as the various yarns passes through my fingers.
8. It provides me with a way to deal with stress that spins straw into gold.
9. The colors! all the lovely colors.
10. It connects me to my ancestors - I have my great grandmothers knitting needles and my grandmother's pattern books.
11. pretty things. practical things. pretty things.
12. It feels good. Right down to my bones.
13. The 13th Fairy put a set of knitting needles in my cradle.

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