Monday, April 14, 2008


Hey There, Hi There,

Time for true confessions for the purpose of full disclosure. I'm Pagan - Wiccan more specifically, and of the Gaiaist Wiccan Tradition, if you want to be more precise.

My spiritual community hosts a near-monthly event called Knit-Witch. Had to miss the last one due to my current convalescence - but a big shout out to Tamile and Randilin (of the wonderful blog Between the Ticks) for hosting the evening!

Anyone who does any form of portable hand-crafting is more than welcome. Here's the best part - even if you don't do a hand-craft, you can come out to The Witchery and join in the Discussion of the Question of the Month, an extension of Cliff's regular Question of the Week on our Communitas Paganus googlegroup discussion list.

Now that I'm out of the Knitters Broom Closet, I guess I should apply to join the Pagan Bloggers Network.

Knitting has always been a spiritual thing for me - entering into the act of creation - and sometimes destruction - and more recreation - some of my projects have emulated the birth/death/rebirth cycle more than once (such as the little grey lace shawl, RIP).

and so it goes...

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