Thursday, April 17, 2008

13 Men Whose Music Changed My Life (TT#2)

Thirteen Things about 13 Men Whose Music Changed My Life

1. Nick Drake - poetry and melody from the inside of a mind slowly unravelling, telling me truths to help keep my own ravelled sleeve of care on the needles of life. Fave song: Pink Moon

2. Jerry Garcia (The Grateful Dead) - to groove, to boogie, to ponder, to sing along, and to explore the fringes of reason at the edge of the psychedelic universe. Fave song: Golden Road of Unlimited Devotion

3. Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) - simply, a place to "get what you need" when you need it, no matter what that might be - from sweet to spicy, tangy, salty, savoury and sour. Fave song: Gimme Shelter

4. Bob Dylan - Nick's older wiser brother-in-spirit, who talks about life as it is, and people as they are, in a way where we can always (grudgingly) recognize ourselves and our own petty dramas. Fave Song: Like a Rolling Stone

5. Martyn Joseph - Welsh Troubador of Truth, Spirit, and the Connected Way. Literally saved my soul from despair at the 2004 Winnipeg Folk Festival. Fave Song: This Being Woman

6. Krishna Das - He teaches my pilgrim's heart the way to the altar of reverence through music, and honors the many faces of the Vedic divine with profound joy. Fave Song: everything.

7. Ellis Paul - like rubbing a bruise to help it heal, Ellis' music salves a broken place to make it feel better. Fave Song: Did Gallileo Pray? (solo) and Citizen of the World (with Vance Gilbert)

8. John Lennon - yeah, the Beatles stuff is great, but his own stuff is what warms my soul. Proud to be a Citizen of NUTOPIA. Fave song: Imagine

9. George Harrison - yeah, the Beatles stuff is great, but his own stuff connects me to the luminous divine. Fave song: Give Me Love/My Sweet Lord (who can choose?)

10. David Bowie - Ziggy played guitar & crooned with Bing Crosby, the Thin White Duke showed me a way through the darkness, (with a little help from #11), and then put on red shoes to teach me how to dance the blues. Fave song: Wild is the Wind

11. Lou Reed - both with the Velvet Underground and solo, this man speaks about a world I wish I had the courage (and stupidity) to explore. Dark Mysteries and Brave Explorations. Fave song: I'll Be Your Mirror

12. Robert Gass - the Chant-Master, who created a new world of sing-along-sacredness with his chant recordings from all the world spiritual traditions. Fave song: The Circle is Cast

13. Hank la Riviere - an old-school country/folk singer from Ontario, who sang Canadian regional songs and ballads. He was the first live musician I remember seeing (at age 7) and his was the first signed album I ever got (Hank's Centennial Travels) - which in some ways shaped 25 years of my life in music - meeting artists and getting things signed. Fave Song: I've Been Everywhere (Sleeping Giant Version).

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  1. I recognize 9 of them... I tried to figure out a way to work Das in to my list but it just didn't work out right and would have had the same impact. We must of been on the same musical page today.

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