Thursday, April 24, 2008

13 Blogs I Read Daily (TT#3)

Thirteen Blogs I Read

In No Particular Order -

1. Between The Ticks - Randilin's blog about what's turning in his world - always delightful.

2. Wendy Knits - my favourite knitter (that I don't live with) - who inspires and amuses me.

3. Zen Habits - Om Mani Padme THWAP! Om Mani Padme THWAP!

4. Lifehacker - tools, tips, and tricks to help manage my digital existence into the 21.5 Century ... and beyond!

5. Tree Hugger - where green ideas gather, are fruitful and multiply. A MUST!

6. Unclutterer - if common sense were as common as the word implied, it wouldn't be so suprising to see these common sense ideas for organizing my life. (Jacinthe's fave blog, btw)

7. 43 Folders - life skills for grown-ups, no holds barred, with both ideas and wit so sharp it can hurt my brain, and improve my attitude at the same time.

8. Bad Language - Matthew Stibbe's very British very funny very inspiring blog on how to communicate. Spot On.

9. Wyntergreene News - the closest thing we have to a Canadian National Pagan Magazine. A labour of love and language that deserves more exposure than it gets. The blog is just a teaser for the mag itself.

10. Manage Your Writing - really for business writing, it also inspires my creative writing by focusing on the "tools not rules" for better written communication.

11. Copyblogger - blogging for fun - blogging for profit - always blogging for the purpose of making other bloggers better!

12. Daily Bleed - okay, so it's not a blog - but a near daily email that tells the ugly truth about power over throughout history - past, present and predictable future. The site is ugly too - but worth the visual pain as it cuts to the heart of the matter. SUBSCRIBE! then ACT!

13. Knitty - the blog for - the worlds best site for knitters (and spinners via knittyspin) - and its Canadian to boot! Visit the rabbits! Visit the pattern archive!

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